2019 Wedding Event @ Waterfall Farms

My first time at a new venue called Waterfall Farm, a venue with a fixed marquee & mini-teepees for guests to sleep in overnight should they wish.A rather fun venue for this wedding crowd and due to the rural nature... Read More

2019 2XU Half Marathon

Worked with NZDJ today in motivating these runners for the final 3km to the finish line in the 2019 2XU Half Marathon. Saw an army guy…who carried what must have been a 30-40kg pack across both front and back. Again,... Read More

2018 UNICEF Awards Evening

A small excerpt from the 2018 UNICEF Awards Evening (in conjunction with NZDJ)... Read More

2018 BurgerFuel Awards Evening

High profile awards evening in the St Matthew-in-the-City venue. Great sound, lighting, acoustics and music.... Read More

2018 Afterglo Events – Helensville Dance Party

DJ PRIOR & I decided to create our own dance party called π—”π—³π˜π—²π—Ώπ—΄π—Ήπ—Ό π—˜π˜ƒπ—²π—»π˜π˜€ and decided to do our first event in Helensville as a testing ground for our concept.... Read More

Sina & Owen’s Wedding @ RNZYS

Sina & Owen came together in a wedding celebration that was part Samoan & part European with traditional dances to boot. The dance-floor was pretty much full for most of the night with music ranging from the 80’s, 90’s, Classic... Read More

Radio Lollipop’s Awards Evening

If you’ve ever visited Auckland Starship Hospital (or similar children’s hospital) you may have bumped into a Radio Lollipop volunteer/s. These volunteers roam around the wards in the evenings playing games and creating crafts with the kids. This particular event... Read More

Burger Fuel’s U.S.Aye Burger Launch

To celebrate the 4th July in NZ, Burger Fuel created and designed an all out American burger, known as the USAye burger as part of it’s lineup. This whole event was about dropping back to grass roots American classic rock... Read More

Pukekohe Christian School Ball

This was the first year Pukekohe Christian School reached out to NZDJ and myself to be their School Ball’s DJ and even though it wasn’t the biggest school ball we’ve done, it goes to show we aim to cater for all events, both... Read More

Jade & Darryl Cattanach’s Wedding

A fun night with a really fun crowd. ‘DJ Cade was absolutely fantastic! The dance floor was full from the moment he started. Everyone couldn’t stop raving about him. He knew exactly what to play, when I didn’t know what... Read More