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2022 Promo Video

I created a DJ Promo video as a way to market my DJ services across the event industry. It showcases real footage taken across the many events I’ve DJ’d since 2009.

2019 Alexandra Park Xmas Races: Afterparty

Every weekend is generally a different crowd during the Xmas Races season at Alexandra Park which is great for DJ’s who love adapting their sets to the given crowd types. This was a fun night for sure.

2019 Ellerslie Xmas Races: Afterparty

We started at 7pm with not a soul in sight (they were all scattered around the venue). Within 90min we had the venue/park packed playing both old school and current bangers.

2019 Wedding Event @ Waterfall Farms

My first time at a new venue called Waterfall Farm, a venue with a fixed marquee & mini-teepees for guests to sleep in overnight should they wish.
A rather fun venue for this wedding crowd and due to the rural nature of the venue, no noise restrictions.

2019 2XU Half Marathon

Worked with NZDJ today in motivating these runners for the final 3km to the finish line in the 2019 2XU Half Marathon.

Saw an army guy…who carried what must have been a 30-40kg pack across both front and back. Again, you can tell he was done as he stopped just after the turnpike…bent down to catch his breathe….and continued for the final 3km. He was obviously built Tonka Tough.

2019 Wedding @ Kauri Bay Boomrocks

Kauri Bay Boomrock has one of the best views for a wedding venue. As for this client, it was a cheerfully rowdy crowd for sure.

2018 BurgerFuel Awards Evening

High profile awards evening in the St Matthew-in-the-City venue. Great sound, lighting, acoustics and music.

2018 UNICEF Awards Evening

A small excerpt from the 2018 UNICEF Awards Evening (in conjunction with NZDJ)

Jade & Darryl Cattanach’s Wedding @ The Whalf (2018)

Jade & Darryl got married at The Whalf which is, in my opinion, one of the nicest wedding venues, both for it’s views as well as the food they prepare. I received some inside information that the bride’s maternal side of the family loves the old school rock/pop hits of the 70’s through to today so that’s exactly what we played most of the night.

Andrew & Amanda McConchie's Wedding (2018)

One of the uncertainties I’ve found being a DJ is never knowing what kind of crowd you’ll be playing too. Will they be a dancy crowd or a sit around tables and drink and talk crowd. Will they be receptive to the style of music you play and trust in your judgement or will they be a ‘coming up with requests’ kinda crowd.

At Andrew & Amanda’s wedding, they were all the above which added to the dynamic nature (and fun) of the wedding as a whole. They had a lot of fun and I’m thankful they allowed me to share this video to you all.

50th Birthday Party @ Mikano (2017)

This Bollywood-themed 50th Birthday party situated at the swanky Mikano restaurant was a great night of NewWave, 80’s and Top40 music. It all started with 45min of Bollywood music to set the scene before merging into 80’s NewWave before proceeding into the hits of the 80’s/90’s/Top40’s.

‘Hey Cade, Awesome job last night thanks. Music was perfect. Everyone had a blast.‘ – Sheena Cole

Howick College School Ball (2015)

Howick College is one of the most animated and rowdy schools to DJ for and year on year their School Ball never disappoints.

Howick College is a school that embraces not just the Top40’s (as you would expect most schools would rather have) but do they go nuts when old school 80’s music gets played. I’ve always had fun playing with this school as their events never disappoint.

Waiuku College School Ball (2013)

You can almost guarantee the bigger the crowd the more atmosphere and fun people have. This was the first time I had DJ’d for Waiuku College who I acquired this through NZDJ who also sourced and arranged all the lighting and smoke effects that made the whole room one big night club.